Not One, But Two Fishers At The Pond

Last Thursday, we went down to the pond.  Just so you know, this is the only place that Chris likes to fish.  He says he doesn’t want to go anywhere else because he knows that he can catch fish here and that he wants to continue to go here.  I have to admit though, it is a beautiful, quiet, and serene spot.  It is always active with some sort of wildlife and I always find something to photograph.

We get down there and about half an hour later, I see this huge bird flying and I say to Chris, I think that is an eagle.  Sure enough, it was.  This bird caught two fish.  And they were pretty big ones.  However, as you may have noticed, my camera takes stellar close up photos, but when it comes to zooming in with the 20x, it takes horrid ones.  And I am still struggling to learn the different modes of the camera because every time I switch to one of them, the photo comes out over exposed for some reason.

So as you can see, the eagle and the deer pictures come out absolutely ghastly.  But when I do closeup pictures, they come out great.  Well, 95% when it wants to work.  The other 5% of the time, sometimes the closeup images blur up.  For example, I was trying to take a picture of this yellow flower, to get a closeup, it kept blurring up.  I tried at least a dozen times.  So I gave up and moved on to photograph something else.

The place I was standing, which I called a ‘grove’, in the sumac trees, I think will make an excellent place to hide and be quiet to observe and maybe get some more pictures of the wildlife.  It will kinda act like a blind, like what hunters have.  I can set up my tripod in there and everything and kinda wait for the wildlife to come to me.

But after struggling to take the pictures of the eagle and fighting with the exposure to hurry up and then coming home and only seeing a tiny black spec of that eagle in the photos, I was very depressed and knew that with my camera, I can never compete with professional photographers and their $3000 Canon and Nikon’s.  I will only be an amateur photographer. It was a very depressing AND sobering thought indeed.

Please leave comments below.  I welcome and will take negative and positive criticisms.  Have a great Monday!


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