Hi everyone!  Just a quick post before I run out and hang out with my Mom and my two younger sisters.  On Saturday, Chris and I went up to my Mom and Dad’s for my youngest sister’s, Grace’s, birthday.  She turned 16 last Friday.  Whilst I was there, I went around and snapped a few pictures.  I did a bit of editing on a few of them.  Grace has a flock of turkeys.  I think there are 7 or 8 of them all together.  She is selling the tom’s for about $54 and you have butcher them yourselves.  I am still trying to convince Chris to get one for us.  I was able to get a picture of one Tom.  They really wouldn’t stand still for anything!  There are some other pictures, but they are on my Mom’s camera.  I had used hers to get pictures of the cake and my family and stuff and had used my tripod with hers.  She just bought a new one, which has 30x zoom(so jealous lol).  So is suppose to bringing me her SD card so I can get the photos off of there so I can share them with you.

As always, I invite you to leave comments.  Both negative and positive are always welcome.  And if you like this post, please tick that little like button down there.  I would really appreciate it.  Have a great day!




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