Introducing Isabelle

We have slipped into full-blown Autumn here and my creative, inspiration, and even motivation have waned.  It sucks.  It really does.  My posting goes down tremendously over the winter but I am going to try to catch up and post the rest of the photos I took over this summer.  Winter sucks.

If any of you are followers or my friends on FB, you might have seen we adopted a dog about a month ago.  Our local SPCA was having an adoption event so Chris and I decided that we wanted a dog.  After being taken on a tour through the kennels to look at the dogs, we decided on a golden colored Boxer/lab cross named Isabelle.

She’s 4 years old or there abouts.  She is really sweet, really hyper, and playful.  Isabelle loves walks and being destructive.  Every toy we have bought her, she has destroyed within 2o minutes of having.  She will start with the tag and go from there.  But she just adores Chris.  Always excited when he comes home and paces all day long when he leaves.  Drives me nuts lolz.  But she is always up for a nap and will go in and lay down with me when I go in for one.  She is such a happy doggie.  Always wagging her tail.  But if you are out walking her, keep your eyes open for squirrels, because then it’s all over because she is on a mission to get them and then it’s all over.

Here are some pictures of her that I have taken so far.  Isabelle refuses to sit for pictures or look at the camera.  So some of them don’t look that great of her.  🙂  All except for the first one were taking when we took her fishing at the pond in September.


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