The Plight Of Our Fishing Hole

Last Thursday, Chris, Justin, and I went down to our fishing hole for the first time since winter set in.  We loaded the kayak onto the car and they took the fishing poles.  We got there and saw that the water was very high because the ice had melted.  Remember the beaver dam straight out from where we fish from in the stand of dead trees where the goose nested on?  The water is so high that only an inch or two of it is visible from above water.  Chris took the fish finder that he bought out to the middle of the pond and found that it is only 5 1/2 feet deep at its highest.  So even with it without all the extra water, it really isn’t as deep as we thought.  He didn’t see any fish on his fish finder and when he went round the shore, he say a lot of dead fish.  We are hoping that with the cold and long winter, all the fish did not succomb to the freezing temps.  So after this cold front moves on, we will go back up there and see again.

These pictures were all taken with my android phone.  I used the preloaded camera on my HTC One m7.  I discovered they had some really kool filters, so I used them on the landscape photos.


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