Day Trip To Erie Zoo

Last weekend, my fiancé, our son and I took a day trip to the Erie Zoo.  That Saturday, it was incredibly hot and muggy.  It is about an hour and a half drive down there from our home.  I was really excited to go, but I was pretty disappointed when I got down there.  A lot of the cages were dirty with trash in them like fast food bags, cups, etc.  Some of the animals didn’t have water in their cages.  Some of the animals were pacing about in their cages(which is quite typical of animals in captivity).  Some of the animals weren’t out because it wasn’t warm enough for them.  The giraffes were in special cages indoors because the female was in heat and the viewing window was dirty and you couldn’t see them really well.  The orangutan looked so very sad and depressed.  I felt so bad for him and I am almost balled my eyes out over him.  With their $8.50 admittance fees(for adults) and asking for donations within the park, you would think they would be able to keep up their facilities better.  I would be embarrassed if my facilities were full of trash and my animals weren’t watered!  I am sure whatever government that inspects such facilities would shut that place down in an instant.  The one animal I really wanted to see, the capybara, wasn’t out.  Those are really kool animals!  But here are some pictures I did take.

I couldn’t access the Erie Zoo’s offical page, but the address is and you can find them on FB by clicking HERE if you would like more information on them.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures this week.  I have another batch that I am in the process of editing now that I will get up this week.  Have you ever been to a zoo?  Have you ever been to the Erie Zoo?  What was the best you have been to and why?  Leave your answer in the comments below.

See you next time!



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