Cuba Lake 01 July 2015

Happy July, everyone!

Chris’s aunt and uncle from Georgia and his sister, her husband, and his niece visiting from Florida too for the 4th of July.  His aunt and uncle rented a cottage on Cuba Lake in Cuba, NY, so Wednesday evening, 01 July, we went up to spend some time with them.  There was also a few other family members there.  It wasn’t a particularly nice day, weather-wise.  It was windy and cool, cloudy, but the good company and the consistent scenic views that Cuba Lake always has to offer made up for the weather.  We plan to go up there on Saturday before Chris’s aunt and uncle leave to see them because it will be three years or more before they return up north here for a visit.

I was entranced by the cute ducks and ducklings, the beautiful clouds, the water, and the just all the new surroundings.  I love the water.  I love to swim, and I love being out on a boat.

Three years we were up here, when his aunt and uncle last visited, though at a different cottage, and I was in the water and I just loved it!  It was the best week ever.  I must’ve spent the entire week in the water.  We were up there almost every day.  This weekend is supposed to be so much warmer so I am hoping we have the opportunity to get into the water.


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Enjoy my photos and show some love by giving me a like and share if you would please.  Or even leave a comment or two.  Thanks  (:

See you all next time!



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