Hi! Welcome to the photoblog of my hobby that I call Serene View Photography. My name is Heather-Joan. This photography passion of mine started out with just one photo that my Mom and so many other people went gaga over about three yeara ago. I love to see the world through the filtered lease of a camera. The Lord has given us so much beauty to capture and preserve. I am truly thankful to have been blessed with a good eye, talent, and a passion for photography. Whilst I am not really looking at the profit, business end of photography for I am more interested in the technical specs, learning, and entering photo contests.
I do take photos of people and their animals, etc from time to time on a case-to-case basis, but I do not claim to be a professional, just an amateur photographer with passion. I do have some of my better photos for sale on Fine Art America that I would love for everyone to have.
If, on the offchance, do find a photo or photos you are totally smitten with, please feel free to contact me privately so we can discuss it further. All proceeds will be going to the maintenance and upkeep of my blog, camera, and equipment.
I hope you will enjoy your stay here at Serene View Photography, please subscribe, and come back really soon. Cheers! 📷


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